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spaces of production (n) – long-ignored by architects and historians through the 18th century, productive spaces take the physical form of their systems of production. Thus, spaces of production are rendered as the industrial theatres of the 20th and 21st century.
Anthony Vidler, The Writing of the Walls (Princeton: Princeton Architectural Press, 1987), 23.
uncanny space (n) – a metaphor for a fundamentally “unhomely” modern condition: spaces void of perceived past, which generate “individual and social estrangement, alienation, exile, and homelessness.”
“The cities I speak of… are towns without a past. Thus they are without tenderness or abandon. During the boredom of the siesta hours, their sadness is implacable and has no melancholy. In the morning light, or in the natural lucury of the evenings, their delights are equally ungentle. These towns give nothing to the mind and everything to the passions. They are situated neither to wisdom nor the delecacies of taste.” Albert Camus in Anthony Vidler, The Architectural Uncanny (Cambridge: MIT Press, 1996), 177.

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