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ways of seeing (n) – designers must see like economists, geologists, sociologists, and anthropologists to respond to forces that are not readily apparent to traditional practices. Designers must also acknowledge that sight and “the power to see” is hegemony.
John Berger, Ways of Seeing (London: Penguin, 1990), 3
“The act of seeing is an act that proceeds action, a kind of preaction partly explained by Searle’s studies of ‘intentionality.’ If seeing is in fact foreseeing, no wonder forecasting has recently become an industry in its own right, with the rapid rise of professional simulation and company projections, and ultimately, hypotheticaly, the advent of ‘vision machines’ designed to see and foresee in our place.” in Paul Virilio, The Vision Machine (Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 1994), 61.
void (n) – a physical or perceived vacancy. Voids are the “heart of the city,” the engines that propel urbanism. We create physical or perceived voids where our creative imagination can operate.
“It is not the built form that characterizes the contemporary city, but the immense spaces over which built form has little or no control. These spaces, which overwhelm the architectural gesture, ultimately dominate the contemporary urban environment. The inaccessibility of these places exists because our commodity-bound words like “buildings” and “places” cannot account for voids, as voids are forces that designers typically work against. These spaces are also voids because they are not focused on, and when focused on they become filled.” in Albert Pope, Ladders (New York: Phaidon, 1996), 3-4.

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