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This semester, I have extended my research on the Beaubourg Plateau into a series of site models, design intentions, and lectures (for Peter Waldman’s class) that will lead to the design of a civic space on the site of the defucnt Cemetery of Innocents. My research included an understanding of: the evolution of urban mapping, the emergence of civic spaces, the material flows that founded the city, and the spatial origins of the city. This research has helped me understand the Beaubourg Plateau as the Urban Laboratory of Paris, a layered site and index for the preconditions of the city. Today, the site exists as a static, isolated, “interior city,” which no longer functions as an Urban Laboratory, yet is subject to an increasing influx of tourists and immigrants. My design intentions are to use my research in material operations and processes on the site to revitalize the Urban Laboratory. The design will reveal the underpinnings of the city and will respond to the hyperdense nature of the site as the largest transit hub in Europe (a place of immense displacement).

Project Proposal:
I will design a hybrid program: a transit gateway and market (flea market of clingancourt) for the site of the Cemetery of the Innocents on the Beaubourg Plateau. The design will also include the development of a general masterplan for the Beaubourg Plateau, based upon my research/design intentions of this semester.  The design may also include smaller scale interventions on the site and around the city.

January 17-31: ULI Hines Urban Design Competition
February 1-4: Site Strategies, Data Gathering (visitors, traffic, public space, etc.) Meet with Shilea Crane
February 5-11: Design Iterations – Site Scale, Link to Metro, Sections
February 12-18: Design Iterations – Site Scale, Link to Metro, Plans Meet with Beth Meyer/Maurice Cox
February 19-25: Design Iterations – Architectural Scale
February 26-March 3: Design Iterations – Architectural Scale
March 4-10: Design Iterations – Architectural Scale Mid Review
March 11-17: Design Iterations – Tactile Scale
March 18-24: Design Iterations – Tactile Scale
March 25-31: Synthesis
April 1-7: Synthesis 3/4 Review
April 8-14: Synthesis
April 15-21: Synthesis
April 22-28: Production
April 29-May 5: Production Production Review
May 6-12: Production
May 13-19: Production
Final Review

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